Hilt — A Standard Way to Implement Dependency Injection in Android

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Why using Hilt?

When it comes to Dependencies Injection in Android development, we don’t have many choices:

  • Use a 3rd party library like Dagger or Koin

How to use Hilt in your Android project?


Add this Gradle dependency into the project’s root build.gradle

Hilt Application

Hilt Application is mandatory — achieved by adding the@HiltAndroidApp annotation into your Application class.

class HiltSampleApp : Application() {
  • A singleton component attaches to the application lifecycle and hosts all the singleton scoped dependencies. This component also provides dependencies to all other sub-components.

Hilt Components

As I mentioned above, Hilt automatically generates some pre-defined Component classes. Those out-of-the-box components should cover most use cases when developing your Android app. We don’t need to create a Component manually anymore.

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Declare dependencies in Hilt Modules

Similar to Dagger Module , Hilt Module is where you declare all the needed dependencies for your application.

Inject dependencies into Android classes

Now, you have done setting up theComponent and Module . It’s time to get those dependencies injected!

  • @Inject the properties like using Dagger
  • ViewModel (by using @HiltViewModel)
  • Activity
  • Fragment
  • View
  • Service
  • BroadcastReceiver

Inject dependencies into non-Android classes

Even though Hilt supports most of the Android classes, at some point, you’ll need to inject dependencies into non-supported Android classes.

Compare Hilt and Dagger

Like I mentioned from the start of this post, Hilt’s mission is to provide a standard way to apply Dagger into your application easier.

  • Application scoped Component instancing in Application class
  • Implementing HasAndroidInjector if needed
  • Injection trigger (AndroidInjection.inject(this) or Component.inject(this)
  • Activity/Service/FragmentBindingModule declaration
  • Pre-defined bindings for Android classes like Application , Activity
  • Pre-defined Qualifier like @ApplicationContext and @ActivityContext

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